Get to know the kAlert

Choose the health and safety of your loved ones

Remote care for your loved ones using the kAlert wristband connected to your phone.
The wearable band features a GPS locator and a fall sensor, it monitors pulse rate and blood pressure, and enables help to be summoned quickly in health emergencies (and life or death situations).

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Your personal medical assistant for the 21st century

You no longer need to worry about your loved ones anymore. kAlert will always let you know when your child safely arrives home, whether your eldery parents need your help.
All you need is your smartphone and the simple application.

SOS – save a life with a single button

Sending an alarm signal has never been so simple! Thanks to kAlert, your loved one can send an alarm signal with a single press of the red SOS button – nothing could be easier.
No longer any need to worry. If there is an emergency, the wristband reacts immediately.

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Telephone calls – automatic call receiving

‘I’m not alone’ – for a sick person, this thought means a great deal. Remaining in contact increases the feeling of security and dispels dark thoughts. Thanks to the intelligent wristband voice call option, you are just a press of the green button away, and your loved one feels more at ease at the sound of your voice.

Remotely check pulse rate

The life band provides a simple solution for you to remotely monitor the state of health of your loved ones.
Thanks to regular, non-invasive tests, you can have at your fingertips approximate readings for pulse rate. Limit values for pulse rate can no longer catch you by surprise, as the system informs you when these values are likely to be exceeded. As a carer, you have remote access to vital data.

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The device sensor detects any fall

When matters get out of hand, and sudden loss of consciousness prevents the use of the SOS button, the intelligent wristband uses another feature to protect the health and well-being of your loved ones. If a fall or impact is detected, you are notified by SMS to ensure a prompt response to the situation.

Track the wristband map position on your phone

The wristband user is always within view – just take a glance at your phone. That’s right, the clearly marked point on the map is them. Just received an alarm signal? Don’t waste time on unnecessary questions. Thanks to the precisely defined location, you can get to where you need to be quickly. Even if the GPS signal isn’t available, you still receive the approximate position thanks to LBS/WiFi.

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Forget about charging thanks to long-life battery power

Uncharged devices have a habit of catching us by surprise, and never at the right time. With kAlert you can avoid such unfortunate surprises. Thanks to a long-life battery, the wristband has enough power for several days, and can be fully recharged within two hours. If the power drops below a certain charge level, the system sends an SMS alarm message.

FAQ Do you have doubts? contact us

Is the device waterproof?

The kAlert device has an IP 67 resistance class, which means that it does not hurt him to accidentally spill water, but you can not swim with it, for example, swimming at the pool.

Does the headband work with an iPhone?

Yes, kAlert has a dedicated application for iOS.

Does the device detect a fall?

The kAlert device will detect a fall. It is also possible to calibrate the sensitivity of the accelerometer.

Does the kAlert have a reminder function, eg about taking medicine?

Yes, kAlert has the ability to send voice messages.

How long does the device work on one charge?

The maximum operating time of the band on one charge is 108 hours. Battery performance largely depends on the device configuration and frequency of use.

Will my mother handle the device charging?

The device has been maximally simplified (two buttons), and the charger is characterized by maximum comfort.

Does the device indicate the battery level?

The smartband informs about the level of battery discharge below 20% charge.

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