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Benefits for seniors

• Improvement of the life quality
• Increased sense of security
• Improvement of therapy effectiveness
• Reduced time of reactions when a Senior needs help
• Messages reminding about taking medications and e.g. pressure measurements
• The posibility to monitor key parameters

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Benefits for medical facilities

• Possibility of current adjustment and supervision of therapy
• Higher effectiveness of diagnostic sand prevention therapy
• Improving the image of the institution
• Reductio nof care costs



• Large, clear buttons
• Easy to use, also for people with coordination disorders
• The possibility of matching according to the requirements of the supplier

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Contact list

Initiation of conversation with one click
Photos for the contact list

Red help call button

Pressing the button sends an emergency call with the highest priority to the alarm monitoring server.


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Green button for contact requests

Pressing the button sends a request to contact the monitoring server.This is not an alarm signal, but a request for assistance.

Text commands

It is possible to send text information to the device, which will be displayed on the application screen together with the “Confirm” button. After confirming the receipt of the message, the information is sent to the monitoring server.

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Voice commands

The ability to send a voice information to the device sewn into the application – an alarm signal to choose from among predefined sounds.

CHECKIN command

It is possible to send the CHECKIN command to the device – text information along with a repeating signal, which requires the immediate response of the protégé to confirm being in the vicinity of the device (life signal).

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NFC tags

The app can read NFC tags from which signals are sent to the monitoring center. The NFC tag is used to verify the presence of a person dedicated to care.

Beacon support

The ability to read the beacon movement within the bluetooth range of the device, eg beacon placed on doors, cabinets, refrigerator, etc. It is possible to read the ambient temperature from dedicated beacons destined for this purpose.
Beacon support allows you to create a work chart. For example, after displaying the text command “Take medicine”, the cabinet in which the medicines are stored must be opened (checked using an beacon with an accelerometer), if not – an alarm will be triggered.

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Hardware requirements

Tablet with Android system ver. 5.0 or higher.

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vAlert is a device fully compatible with kMed software.

vAlert is a convenient help button that can be hidden discreetly in your pocket, bag or worn as a pendant around your neck or wrist band.

vAlert uses Bluetooth® technology to connect with an application on your smartphone or tablet.


• Help call button
• Fall detector
• GPS position (taken from the paired device)
• No need to recharge (battery life – up to 1 year)
• Notifications about loss of connectivity between the device and smartphone
• No monthly fees
• Waterproof IP67

Sample application

• Protection
• Telecare – supervision over elderly people and children
• Lone worker


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